1980-present Free-lance sailing instructor/captain

1983-1985 American Sailing Association, Regional Coordinator

1985-1995 Sailing Instructor Evaluator, U. S., Caribbean, Europe

1985-1990 American Sailing Association, Education Coordinator

1985-Present US Coast Guard Licensed Master, 100 Tons

1985-Present Boating Expert Witness

1987 Editor Chartering Fundamentals published by Tab Books

1988-1998 Editor American Sailing, the Journal of the American Sailing Association

1988-1997 Contract Instructor Marina Sailing, Intermediate and Advanced Cruising classes

1990-1991 Boating World, ESPN series, Coordinating Producer

1990-2004 American Sailing Association, Executive Vice President

1991 Author, Cruising Fundamentals published by McGraw/Hill

1992-2001 Captain/instructor/consultant Vagabond 47, Double Coupon

1995 Appointed ASA Foundation President

1997 Elected to the American Sailing Association board of directors

1999 Pleasant Company, Product Development Consultant

1999 Overall winner of the John Southam award for sailing journalism

1999-2003 Served on the board of directors of Sail America

1999-2000, EHow, Boating Safety Consultant

1999 Writer's Digest Award

2000 Became committee chair for Sail America education committee

2000 Phase one and two of NASBLA/USCG national boating safety standards committee

2001 Became vice president of Sail America

2001 Became committee chair for the Association Committee

2002 Certified as a Subject Matter Expert by CSP Human Resources

2002 Completed Item Writing Seminar by CSP Human Resources

2002-2003 Phase three and four of NASBLA/USCG national boating safety testing standards committee

2003 Guest Lecturer Latitudes and Attitudes Cruiser's Weekend

2003 Guest Lecturer West Marine Newport/Ensenada Race Preparation seminar

2003 West Marine/Tommy Bahama/Ensenada Race Speaker

2003 Latitudes and Attitudes Advance Cruising Seminar Speaker

2003 Completed Cut Score Seminar by CSP Human Resources

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